Flexible rental

The lease that adapts to your reality. Change terms, vehicle type and size according to your needs. You can count on our fleet of vans, trucks, cars and even high-end vehicles.

Long-term Renting

If the car or van is key to your work, the 3 and 4 year lease options are the most cost effective. Choose from our fleet of vehicles or pick your own and enjoy the vehicle without worry.

Specific Renting

A normal factory vehicle does not meet your needs. At Multiauto we have the resources to provide, transform and maintain special vehicles. Ambulances, police, ramps for PER, and whatever you can imagine.


Leasing is the safest option when it comes to providing a vehicle service without surprises or upheavals.

With the monthly fee Multiauto can provide you with all these services:

  • Pre-delivery vehicle (until the vehicle of your choice arrives if not in stock).
  • Immediate delivery if the vehicle is in stock.
  • Revisions and preventive maintenance.
  • Necessary repairs so that the vehicle is always operational.
  • Insurance.
  • MOT

Whatever happens Multiauto will provide mobility in the best possible conditions.

Solutions for every need and typology, both in industrial vehicles and passenger cars.

Your vehicle, the vehicle of your company, it is time to stop seeing it as an object and perceive it as a service.

The most valuable thing in your life is your time, that’s why multiauto takes care of everything, purchase, registration, insurance, maintenance, ITVs, possibility of vehicle replacement, etc.

The vehicle is essential for the development of your activity. At Multiauto we have the vans, trucks and dump trucks you need.

Up to 3500Kg of M.M.A. we can provide you with one of the most diverse fleets in the Balearic Islands. From a small van with 2 seats plus cargo to trucks with lifting platform, vans of virtually all sizes available on the market and 9-seater minibuses to carry your staff.

Don’t let the lack of a vehicle hinder your business development.

Contact us and we will advise you on the best cost-effective options adapted to your needs and economic possibilities.


With Multiauto you will have the solution in your hand.

  • Do you need the vehicle now? We provide you with a vehicle from our fleet, the same or the most similar to what you are looking for to cover your needs without setbacks.
  • Preferential maintenance.
  • Vehicle replacement for the duration of the contract.
  • Maintenance and ITVs included.